Blue Pansy Butterfly (Junonia orithya)

The blue pansy butterfly (Junonia orithya) is a butterfly with many subspecies occurring from Africa, through southern and south-eastern Asia, and in Australia. It is known as the…

The Black-Winged Stilt (Himantopus himantopus)


Butterflies are associated with beauty. Flowers are associated with beauty. Butterflies are associated with flowers.  But one occasionally finds butterflies sitting on wet mud. Sometimes even on dung….

The Market

Crawford market is one of the most famous markets of Mumbai. It was completed in 1869 and named after the first municipal commissioner of Mumbai. It is known…

Pots & People- Kumbharwada Dharavi

It is common knowlwdge that Dharavai is one of the largest slum in the world. It is congested with concrete building interspaced  by shanties. In addition, many are…

The Death’s-Head Hawkmoth

Death’s-Head hawkmoth gets its name a shape that resembles the human skull on the thorax. They are members of the genus Acherontia. The species has three members. A….

Wild Grapes – Ampelocissus latifolia

A visit to Yewoor always springs up surprises., like this flower. My first impression was that this is some kind of wild fruit. Like of bunch of grapes…

Zebra Blue Butterfly

Zebra blue (Leptotes plinius) is a small butterfly belonging to the blues family (Lycaenidae). Lycaenidae is the second largest family of butterflies with about 6,000 species. This is about…

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