Zebra blue (Leptotes plinius) is a small butterfly belonging to the blues family (Lycaenidae). Lycaenidae is the second largest family of butterflies with about 6,000 species. This is about 30% of all butterflies. Close to 200 species are found in India. Lycaenidae larvae are flat

The Zebra blue is a small butterfly with a wingspan 22-30mm. It is found in India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal,  Myanmar, Indonesia and East Australia  (for distribution map see 1). Adults usually fly around larval food plants. They are territorial and are seen chasing each other

The undersurface is similar in males and females. It has pale brown and white spots and bands. Bands break into spots on the hind wing. The hind wing has two spots and a short tail. The spots are green ringed with pale orange. Males and females have different upper surfaces. Males (picture below) are lilac with brown outer margins. Females are grey black with white spot on the forewing. The hind wind has subterminal rings. The wings are suffused with blue near the body.

Eggs are flat white and finely reticulated. The larva food plant belong to the Fabaceae and Plumbaginaceae family (see below).  Larva dark green with a darker mid-dorsal line and a few markings. The larva is brown mottled and about 8mm.

Plumbago zylanica (Chitrak)

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