The black-winged stilt (Himantopus himantopus) is a unusual looking bird. The unusually long legs give an appearance the bird is walking on stilts.

It is about a foot in size. It  has long pink legs, a long straight beak and a long neck. The straight beak differentiates stilts from a related species of birds, avocets. Avocets beak has an upward curve. They have red or brown irises that white underparts and black upper parts. The black has a green sheen in males and a brownish in females.

They  found in small groups. Stilts prefer marshes both freshwater and saltwater,  mudflats and shallow edges of lakes and rivers. They fees on invertebrates and small fish.


Waterbodies around Mumbai are home to black-winged stilts.

Black-winged stilt
A pair of black winged stilts at Powai lake, Mumbai. A crocodile is seen in the background


Black-Winged stilt
Black-winged stilt at Powai lake, Mumbai.


This picture was taken at Bhandup pumping station.

Black-Winged stilt
A black-winged stilt feed in small invertebrate on shores of water bodies. This one was photographed at Bhandup Pumping Station



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